Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Walking the Presidential Dog....

Can't afford to let school kids tour the White House, but we can afford to pay a federal employee $102,000 a year to walk the Obamas' dog? 

Since when is the care of a family pet a legitimate expense related to the office of the president? Does Bo the dog have official duties we don't know about? Or is Barry Obama's $400k yearly salary (plus the millions more he makes in royalties from the books he didn't write) not enough to allow him to pay for his own personal expenses -- despite the fact that his and his family's housing, food, transportation, medical expenses, etc., are all already paid for by taxpayers? 

I don't begrudge the Obama girls a pet, but come on. The Obamas are multimillionaires now, thanks to their "public service" careers, so it's long past time for them to stop fleecing the public that has made their lives so luxurious and posh. Pay for your own damn dog walker!

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